Active Security Ministry Standard Video Surveillance Terminal

MV06 is an active security ministry-standard video surveillance terminal that integrates functions such as video surveillance, driving record, Beidou positioning, DSM, ADAS, and meets the relevant standards of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Public Security.It supports 4 or 8 channels of video surveillance, including 1 channel of DSM, 1 channel of ADAS monitoring, and 1 channel of IPC monitoring; it adopts H.265/H.264 video encoding, and can support SD card or hard disk video storage, And through 4G real-time transmission of video to the monitoring platform. Application scope: Vehicles such as two passengers and one dangerous, freight and other vehicles need to be in-vehicle monitoring that meets national standards. Compliant with standards: GB/T 19056, JT/T 1076, JT/T 1078, JT/T 794, JT/T 808, TJSATL13, JT/T 883, [2018] Document No. 115