Self-developed industrial mobile robot control module

AGV Controller

Self-developed industrial mobile robot control module, including wireless routing, navigation, motion control, environmental awareness and some decision-making functions. Robot control module has the characteristics of high integration and high reliability. Multiple AGV bodies can be adapted with minimal modification. Supports standard AGV scheduling communication protocols to communicate with other AGV systems.

1.Multi-mode Navigation Positioning

2.Wireless Routing

3.Body Motion Control

4.Environmental Perception Depiction

5.Driving Control

6.Protocol Newsletter

Running speed: 1.8m/s

Means of communication :WIFI/4G/5G

Stop Precision: 10mm

Position accuracy: 0.3 °

Working Mode: Manual/Automatic

Electrical Connection: Bypass Mode

Map Format: CAD, YAML

Charging Method: Manual/Automatic

WMS/MES docking: Support

Human-machine interface: touch screen/mobile app

External interface: 3 Gigabit Ethernet; CAN Bus 2; Industrial serial port 1 road

Pallet handling forklifts, warehousing and stacking forklifts, small forklifts and logistics tractors