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Regional Sales Director
Salary structure: basic salary + commission + year-end reward
description of job:
1. Responsible for the sales tasks of fatigue driving monitoring and ADAS vehicle active safety monitoring products in the area;
2. Responsible for the collection and collation of market information in the region;
3. Responsible for customer development and customer relationship maintenance in the region;
4. Responsible for sales order tracking and fulfillment;
5. Responsible for participating in company-related exhibitions and other marketing-related activities.

job requirements:
1. College degree or above in marketing, electronics, computer or automation control is preferred;
2. Sales experience in automotive electronics related industries such as on-board video surveillance, on-board GPS or navigation is preferred;
3. Requires more than 3 years of sales experience and more than 1 year of team management experience;
4. Good market and customer development capabilities;
5. Proactive, hard-working attitude.